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Parava (2017) Malayalam Movie Mp3 Songs Download

Parava Mp3 Songs

Parava is a 2017 Malayalam film directed by Soubin Shahir and produced by Anwar Rasheed along with Shyju Unni under the banner of Anwar Rasheed Entertainments and The Movie Club. The film stars Dulquer Salmaan, Amal Shah, Govind V Pai, Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Zinil Zainudeen, Arjun Ashokan, Jacob Gregory, Indrans, Srinda Arhaan, Siddique, Harishree Ashokan and Aashiq Abu. Littil Swayamp handles cinematography and Rex Vijayan composed music and background score for the film. Listen now the full songs of Parava unreleased track 'Pakalin Vaathil' sung by Sreenath Bhasi, and also includes Parava Bgm soundtrack.

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Movie: Parava
Starring: Dulquer Salmaan, Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Srinda Arhaan
Director: Soubin Shahir
Music: Rex Vijayan
Language: Malayalam
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Parava Mp3 Songs and Tracklist:
  • Pyaar Pyaar

    Length : 4:15 | Size : 9.73 MB
  • Ormakal

    Length : 3:40 | Size : 8.41 MB
  • Pakalin Vaathil

    Length : 3:42 | Size : 8.50 MB
  • Ichaapi & Haseeb Intro

    Length : 2:11 | Size : 5.02 MB
  • Parava Theme

    Length : 3:30 | Size : 8.03 MB
  • Beach

    Length : 0:50 | Size : 1.93 MB
  • Ichaapi Becomes Leader

    Length : 2:34 | Size : 5.89 MB
  • Ichaapi’s Love Theme

    Length : 1:27 | Size : 3.34 MB
  • Chaandal

    Length : 0:53 | Size : 2.03 MB
  • Dark

    Length : 0:46 | Size : 1.77 MB
  • Imran Intro

    Length : 1:8 | Size : 2.60 MB
  • Shane’s Love Theme

    Length : 2:46 | Size : 6.34 MB
  • Clash

    Length : 4:31 | Size : 10.36 MB
  • Birth

    Length : 1:36 | Size : 3.67 MB
  • Stealing Back Myna Praavu

    Length : 2:18 | Size : 5.29 MB
  • The Lovers Unite

    Length : 3:9 | Size : 7.24 MB
  • The Last Parava

    Length : 0:53 | Size : 2.03 MB
  • The Revenge

    Length : 4:51 | Size : 11.12 MB
  • The End

    Length : 6:18 | Size : 14.44 MB
  • Download Parava Full Album

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